MiG-17 by Artem Mikoyan in light blue
MiG-17 by Artem Mikoyan in dark red
MiG-17 by Artem Mikoyan in dark blue
MiG-17 by Artem Mikoyan in light gray
MiG-17 by Artem Mikoyan in dark gray


Artem Mikoyan

Artem Mikoyan was the chief designer of a Soviet aerospace design bureau set up at Moscow’s Aviation Plant No. 1 in 1939. In collaboration with Mikhail Gurevich, the Mikoyan-Gurevich Design Bureau created a legendary series of piston and jet-powered fighter aircraft—from the MiG-3 fighter of the Eastern Front of WWII to the massive MiG-25, the world’s second fastest production aircraft after the SR-71 Blackbird. Both Mikoyan and Gurevich died in the 1970s, but their design bureau continues today as Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG.


The iconic MiG-17 represents the ultimate Soviet-built subsonic fighter and more than 10,000 have been built. The MiG-17 (including both Polish and Chinese-built variants) was operated by no less than 34 air forces worldwide, and by all Warsaw Pact countries. Along with the MiG-21, the MiG-17 was the mainstay fighter aircraft for the Vietnam Peoples Air Force during the Vietnam War.

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07 Jul 2019

Beautiful! Great quality paper and ink print. I honestly expected just a regular poster- very impressed with what I received! Will post photo once I have it framed!