The Prints

Where are the prints from?

All IconoGraphika prints are original artworks created by David O’Malley of Ottawa, Canada and are copyrighted by IconoGraphika Inc. The prints are printed in Ottawa, Canada on fine art, acid-free, 100% cotton-fibre paper using archival quality inks.

Is each print in a limited-edition series?

Our smallest Icon prints are not signed by the artist and are not numbered.

Our Small, Medium and Large prints are offered in limited editions of 25 prints in each color and size variation and are numbered and signed by the artist.

Can I order a framed print?

No, our prints are unframed. Each print has a white perimeter border for display or not according to your personal framing preference. We recommend traditional framing behind glass. Due to the high quality textured finish of our matte archival paper, we recommend that you do not laminate or dry-mount your print.

Packaging & Shipping

How will my print be packaged?

After check-out, your print is professionally printed and cropped at our facility in Ottawa, Canada. The image side of the print is covered with a sheet of glassine paper for protection.

Our smallest Icon prints are placed in a paper sleeve and shipped in a rigid flat pack envelope.

Small, Medium and Large prints are rolled and secured with a paper band and placed in a plastic bag inside a heavy-duty shipping tube which is sealed with plastic caps.

When will my print be shipped?

Your print will be shipped within three (3) business days of our receipt of your order.

How will my print be shipped?

Your print will be shipped through Canada Post.

Orders of US$100 or more to destinations in the United States, United Kingdom, European Union and Canada are shipped at no additional charge with a tracking number.

Orders of US$200 or more to other destinations are shipped at no additional charge but without a tracking number.

The NFTs

Is each NFT in a limited-edition series?

No, Pantheon NFTs are not offered in limited editions and for each artwork there is one and only one NFT offered for purchase through this IconoGraphika website.

What are the properties of my NFT media file?

The IconoGraphika NFT media file is a PNG file providing ultra-high-definition resolution (“UHD” or “4K”) for sharp image display on a 55" screen.

What blockchain is my NFT minted on?

IconoGraphika NFTs are minted on the Flow blockchain from Dapper Labs. We selected Flow as the best blockchain infrastructure for NFT purchases by non-technical collectors.

The Blocto wallet from portto Co. is the default wallet choice for Flow and provides easy wallet creation and use.

The Interplanetary File System (“IPFS”) is our choice for the secure, decentralized storage of IconoGraphika NFT media files. Metadata files are stored on the Flow blockchain.

As the Web3 world develops, we look forward to the future portability of IconoGraphika NFTs to new marketplaces, blockchains, wallets and storage systems.

How do I take possession of my NFT?

After you purchase your IconoGraphika NFT through the normal checkout process, we will fulfill your order within 1 business day. You will receive an email from IconoGraphika with a secure link to the IconoGraphika NFT Claim Page, and a unique claim code. There, you will be invited to connect your Blocto wallet, or, if you do not have a Blocto wallet, you will be guided through a simple, free, wallet creation process. Once your Blocto wallet is connected, ownership of your NFT will be transferred from IconoGraphika to you.

Can I resell my NFT?

Yes, you are free to resell or transfer your IconoGraphika NFT. The IconoGraphika NFT metadata provides for a 10% royalty to be paid automatically to IconoGraphika upon resale.

What legal rights and obligations accompany my NFT?

Important copyright, license and other legal rights and obligations are set out in the IconoGraphika NFT License Agreement which is included in the IconoGraphika NFT metadata to ensure legal terms and conditions accompany the NFT with any and all secondary sales or transfers. The terms and conditions are presented both in summary form for quick access, as well as in full form.

In brief, the lawful owner of an IconoGraphika NFT owns all personal property rights to the NFT and can freely sell, transfer, or otherwise dispose of the NFT. The lawful owner is granted a nonexclusive license under IconoGraphika’s copyright to display the NFT media image for personal non-commercial use as a profile picture, or on personal use items such as a coffee mug, sweatshirt or hat, or on personal use conveyances such as a vehicle, vessel or aircraft. All intellectual property rights in and to the NFT media image and any other intellectual property rights of IconoGraphika not expressly licensed to the lawful owner are reserved by IconoGraphika.


What methods of payment are available?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. All prices are in US$.

Is my purchase subject to taxes, import duties or brokerage fees?

Any taxes we collect at check-out will be remitted on your behalf. You are responsible for any other taxes, import duties or brokerage fees that we do not collect at check-out.


If you are unhappy with your IconoGraphika print or NFT purchase for any reason, please contact with a description of the problem. We will reply to you promptly.

What if my print is damaged in shipment?

If your print has been damaged in shipment, or is otherwise damaged or defective when you receive it, we will replace it at no charge to you.

What if I have difficulty taking possession of my NFT?

If you experience any difficulty in taking possession of your purchased NFT in your Blocto wallet, we will provide technical assistance to attempt to resolve the problem.

If we agree that a refund of your purchase payment is an appropriate solution to the problem, we will apply a credit to your credit card or other original method of payment account within three (3) business days of our email confirmation of refund to you.